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3.7sI'm here, and I'm getting along just fine, thank you.
3.2sMy walk to work just took a little longer today than usual.
2.5sNibbler took me through the zoo for some reason.
2.63sLeela, a little help is nothing to be embarrassed about.
1.87sLike, maybe I could do your makeup.
1.13sI don't need help.
3.29sFor your information, I did this all by myself.
1.23sYou look beautiful!
2.77sIncidentally, my favorite artist is Picasso.
2.6sWell, I'm off to work at the restaurant.
2.28sOne of you will have to fill in for me while I'm gone.
3.4sBetter yet, I'll build someone to fill in for you.
8.34sSome kind of gamma-powered mechanical monster with freeway on-ramps for arms and a heart as black as coal.