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2.69sThanks for the help, Leela.
3.3sLeela, we're right here!
3sI'm not deaf. I just have to wear this stupid eye patch.
1.17sDoes it look stupid?
3.67sIn fact, it-it looks so nice i-i think I might get one, too.
1.95sIt's Elzar again!
3.82sOh, my God, I'm so excited, I wish I could wet my pants!
2.1sLeela, please, let me make this up to you.
3.54sYou and your friends are all invited to my restaurant tonight.
2.25sI'm going to bam you up a dinner you'll never forget.
0.93sAll right!
0.93sOh, yeah!
1.7sHooray for Blindy!
2.25sOh, God... I'm coming down!
4.67sFolks, tell the neighbors to watch your mouth 'cause your taste buds are going on vacation.