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1.67sand neither do I.
3.34sQuagmire, you forgot to say "Oh."
1.45sAre you sure?
3.1sI thInk--think I did. All right. Well, just to be safe, oh!
4.22sWe interrupt this program to bring you a special bulletin on the approach of Hurricane Norman.
3.07sHere with an update is Greg, the Weather Mime.
1.92sOk, i-it's gonna be cold,
1.37svery cold,
6.44sand--and there's gonna be wind, and people's parents will throw fecal matter down on them from the rooftops. How awful!
1.14sOh, no.
2.54sI'm sorry, that's--that's rain. Yes.
1.27sIt'll rain.
4.07sRemember, the number-one cause of injury during a hurricane is broken glass.
1.8sSo stay away from the windows.
1.67sAnd Peter, put those away.
2.08sAw, come on, Lois. Just one more sonG.
5.69sMom, I'm afraid if I fall asleep the hurricane's gonna sneak up on me and give me a vasectomy.