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3.57sPolice say no, but our producer says yes.
4.07sHere's an artist's depiction of what the arsonist might look like.
5.62sAnyone with information regarding this suspect should contact quahog police immediately.
1.4sOne thing is certain.
2.43sThe pain here is palpable.
6.07sFor many, this charred portrait of Elizabeth ii gives poignant new meaning to the phrase,
2.99s"Hey, check out that flaming queen."
1.42sin a late-breaking development,
1.37sthe police have a new suspect.
2.67sWe now go live to Hispanic reporter, Maria...
1.63sJimenez. I know what it is.
3.25sWell, Tom, at this moment we're approaching the suspect's house.
1.37sAw, This is better than Cops.
2.13sY-You know, there's a fat drunk guy in there.
1.13s- Hold it! - Freeze!
0.81sThere he is.
1.68sHands up, Griffin. You're coming with us.