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1.73sWe gonna get 'em.
4.27sStewie, look. It's an invitation to little Eliza's birthday party.
2.82syou mean That horrid girl who talks like a scullery maid?
1.8sI didn't realize she'd been born.
2.69sI assumed she'd simply congealed in a gutter somewhere.
2.28sOoh, I'm gonna R.S.V.P. right now.
1.42sOh, Splendid.
2.47san entire afternoon of her "ers," and "ars,"
2.34sand "'alf a pound of ha'penny rice."
2.47sGod, Why can't the English teach their children how to speak?
2.9sWhy don't You teach her. Unless you Don't think you're up to it?
2.18sOh, yes, This is the part where I'm supposed to say,
1.54s"Oh, I am so up to it."
2.02sWell, I am! I accept your challenge!
1.63sAt the celebration of her birthday,
2.17sI shall pass that guttersnipe off as a lady.
1.57sWhat are the stakes of this wager?
1.35sWhy don't you Shut up for about a week.
1.4sVery well. And if I win?
1.27sWell, i--I wasn't betting.
2.07sWhy don't you just shut up for about a week?
1sYou're on!
2.43spresent arms! Load weapons!