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3sWe never squabbled before we lost the Clam.
2.2sYeah, you're right! It's Those lousy fog breathers!
1.45sDamn British!
1.87sFirst they took our bar, now they're taking our friendship!
2.57sWhat's next? Apple pie, fast cars and action films?
4.64sIt was A gLorIous summer in Oxford when I met Freddy Cavendish,
1.67sa most remarkable young man,
2.8swhose friendship would change my life forever.
4.27sYou are the anchor that gives my spirit license to soar.
2.85sOur forefathers wouldn't have taken it on the chin like this.
1.23sYou're damn right.
4.2sI say we fight the British and drive them back to whatever country they came from!
1.73sWe gonna get 'em.
4.27sStewie, look. It's an invitation to little Eliza's birthday party.
2.82syou mean That horrid girl who talks like a scullery maid?