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1.84sHope the loo is working.
2.12sAh, This sucks. Nice choice for a hangout, Peter.
1.77sThere's not even anywhere to sit down!
1.03sIs that some kinda crack?
1.03sWhat do you mean Crack?
1.23sAre you saying I got a fat ass?
1.2sFellas, Fellas,
1.5swhat's become of us?
3sWe never squabbled before we lost the Clam.
2.2sYeah, you're right! It's Those lousy fog breathers!
1.45sDamn British!
1.87sFirst they took our bar, now they're taking our friendship!
2.57sWhat's next? Apple pie, fast cars and action films?
4.64sIt was A gLorIous summer in Oxford when I met Freddy Cavendish,
1.67sa most remarkable young man,
2.8swhose friendship would change my life forever.