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2.23sThe British are a lovely people.
2.9sNot physically, of course, but inside.
2.65sAnd Nigel has a very sweet little daughter.
2.12sAw, Look at the little baby!
2.3sAhh! What the devil is that ghastly noise?
1.07sIt's me!
1.87sEliza Pinchley.
2.08sYou want a flower, little baby?
1.8sExcuse me. What I think you mean to say is,
1.73s"Would I like a flower?"
3.14sHeavens! You don't so much speak the language as chew on it and spit it out!
3.24sGo on. What's wrong with the way I talk?
4.17sEverything. Look, here's a shiny sixpence if you keep your mouth shut and go away.
2.07sHoney, I know the Drunken Clam was your bar.
3.47sBut maybe you and your friends can find somewhere else to act like idiots.
1.3sYeah, I guess you're right.
1.67sYou know why I married you, Lois?
2.22sIt's not just the rack or the caboose.