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3.79s"The person who killed me Was-- was--"
2.32sMy God. It can't be.
1.62sThe murderer. It was...
1.13sI'm bored.
1.27sYou're boring, Zoidberg.
1.37sI'm going to go watch TV.
2.82sCould you get the lights on your way out?
0.46sWhatcha eating?
1.35sYou want some? Sure.
3.79sYou know, I think I finally figured out what's behind all these mysterious deaths.
3.17sWas Planet Express built on an Indian graveyard?
1.08sNo. No?
3.2sNo. Then... Then...
1.18sit was you.
1.6sI don't know what came over me.
1.8sI killed one person on impulse.
2.53sThen I had to kill another and another.
1.97sWell, that covers the first three killings.
3sAnd now, to make sure you won't talk...
4.86sI'm going to have to do something really impulsive.