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2.15sI'm sorry. I couldn't stop.
1.03sWell, wait.
2.07sDon't you care that I murdered Hermes?
1.05sNot even a little.
4.17sThere's nothing wrong with murder just as long as you let Bender wet his beak.
1.27sYou're blackmailing me?
1.87sBlackmail is such an ugly word.
1.43sI prefer extortion.
1.93sThe "X" makes it sound cool.
2.02sPlease, honey, I'm made of metal.
2.34sLike you're really going to hurt me with a--
2.74sHey, what are you doing with that microwave?
2.13sOkay, that's it.
1.65sNo more killing.
3.77sNext time you feel like killing just have a stick of gum.
2.57sNow to dispose of the body.
1.97sHonk, honk.
3.44sWow, sporty go-cart, Leela. So hip and sexy.