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2.22sThe entire universe was destroyed.
2.44sDestroyed? Then where are we now?
2.52sI don't know, but I can darn well tell you
2.02swhere we're not-- the universe.
1.32sOh, eternity with nerds.
3.25sIt's the Pasadena Star Trek convention all over again.
5.07sAnyone want to play Dungeons and Dragons for the next quadrillion years?
0.92sYes, please. Sure.
1.13sPawn to rook eight.
1.6sI'm a tenth-level vice president.
1.83sThat story was preposterous.
2.05sStephen Hawking in a pizzeria.
3.99sThis thing isn't worth the gold it's made of.
3.82sAnyway, "The Thing Longer" seems to be a rousing success.
1.3sGood work.
1.57sRight on, Professor.
4.6sSo that's what things would be like if I'd invented "The Thing Longer."