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3.8sYou're traveling in a specially equipped terrestrial transport module.
1.2sA school bus.
1.17sSo what do you nerds want?
2.67sIt's about that rip in space-time that you saw.
2.23sI call it a Hawking Hole.
1.63sNo fair-- I saw it first.
3.8sWho is The journal of Quantum Physics going to believe?
7.36sMr. Fry, the time disruption indicates that some event was supposed to happen, but didn't due to a quantum fluctuation.
2.62sThat's why we had to beat you with tennis rackets.
9.59sIf we don't go back there and make the event happen the entire universe will be destroyed and as an environmentalist, I'm against that.
3.69sSo then my chair tilted back and I almost fell into this freezer thingy.
2.05sI call it a Hawking Chamber.