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3.47sAlso with us are Nichelle Nichols A.K.A. Commander Uhura.
3.14sIncoming transmission from MCI One-rate Department.
1.94sIt sounds like a limited-time offer.
1.58sTell them I'm in the tub.
4.87sTo my left, you'll recognize Gary Gygax inventor of Dungeons and Dragons.
3.27sGreetings. It's A... Pleasure to meet you.
5.4sAnd our summer intern, Deep Blue the world's foremost chess-playing computer.
1.5sBishop to knight four.
2.94sNot all missions can be solved with chess, Deep Blue.
1.7sSomeday you'll understand that.
1.33sWhere am I, anyway?
3.8sYou're traveling in a specially equipped terrestrial transport module.
1.2sA school bus.
1.17sSo what do you nerds want?
2.67sIt's about that rip in space-time that you saw.
2.23sI call it a Hawking Hole.
1.63sNo fair-- I saw it first.
3.8sWho is The journal of Quantum Physics going to believe?