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4.17sYou gotta help me! (ELECTRICITY SURGING) Yo, yo, yo, Peter G. What's happening, dawg?
4.09sOh! Sideways Hat Robin. Dear God, no!
4.59s(KETTLE WHISTLING) (SING-SONG VOICE) Gonna have some hot tea, baby, this morning.
3.24s(SCREAMS) BOTH: Run, Forrest, run!
1.4sHo-ho! Coffee? One Gump or two?
1.58s- Ho-ho! - Ho-ho!
2.4sAll right, Rupert, all we have to do is act like Robin Williams,
1.6sand he'll think we've already changed.
2.27sHo-ho! Scattered stream of references! Lots of energy!
1.77sOne good one for every 10. Ho-ho!
1.92sDamn these hands.
3.52s(EXAGGERATED KISS) Well, I haven't been to temple in a while.
3.02sAhhh! (ELECTRICITY SURGES) Ladies and gentleman, The Doors.