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2.57s"Make the baby go wild" for a while.
1.58sCouldn't really find an angle on it.
1.97sHere's one from Lee Mills of Iowa.
3.37sLee writes, "Dear Family Guy, was your show based on anything?"
1.64sThat's a great question, Lee.
4.3sIn fact, Family Guy is based on an American television series called The Simpsons.
3.37s(CHUCKLES) Actually, Family Guy, much like The Office,
3.54sis based on a British series called Chap of the Manor. Let's watch.
3.15sMAN ON TV: We now return to Britain's most popular game show...
5s(BRITISH AUDIENCE READING OUT) Do go ahead, then. Oh, no, you first.
1.64sWouldn't dream of it. Too kind, really, I insist.
1.13sWouldn't be proper of me.
1.2sI appreciate your courtesy. Likewise.
1.7sWell, we're all out of time.
2.8sJoin us same time tomorrow, if it's not entirely inconvenient for you.
3.4sIf so, of course, we do understand and we do apologize in advance.
2.33sThis has all been an imposition. I'm so dreadfully sorry.
1s- Sorry! - Sorry.
1.28sSorry. Sorry, everyone!
1.38sAll right, kids, enough telly.
2.73sI hope everyone's peckish for some boiled lamb shank.