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2.44sLove to hear the robin go tweet tweet tweet
7.39sRockin' robin, rock, rock Tweet, tweet, tweet - Rockin' robin Tweet... I don't know, Peter. This all seems kind of creepy.
3.1sWhat do you mean? This is great! Everyone's hilarious now.
1.33sWhat do you think, Quagmire?
2.54sWhat? I can't hear a thing over this noise.
1.97sWhat? This is unbearable!
3.77sI think I got just the thing to cheer you up, Joe.
2.25sI know I said I was a leg man, but this is ridiculous. Ha!
1.7sI feel like a testicle on steroids.
1sHoney, I shrunk my nuts. Ha!
1.7sHo-ho! I'm a San Francisco pirate.
2.5sI Haight my Ashbury in these jeans.
1.93sA lot of the material is repeated.
4.8sMmm! Lois, your torso is so broad and solid.
3.99s(SPITS) (COUGHS) Ahhh! You're not Lois!
1.87sI can hear you. I'm not deaf.
2.99sI don't believe that's real sign language.
3.04sBrian, this is a disaster. I turned everyone into Robin Williams.