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1.1s- Ho-ho! Ho-ho! - Ho-ho!
5.79s(LAUGHING HYSTERICALLY) I will be so responsible with this.
1.17sThanks, guys. Ho-ho!
1.15sBye. See you, Peter.
1.32sY'all come back now, you hear?
1.82s(CHUCKLES) It's Patch Adams Robin.
2.7sHe cures stuff the fun way, not the medicine way.
5.04sSo, somehow the lightning gave your dad the power to turn anyone I touch into Robin Williams.
3.9sGood. I can ask him how he got his RV stuck on the tip of a mountain.
2.85sPeter, did Dr. Hartman say how long this was gonna last?
3.07sThere is no more Dr. Hartman, Lois. He's Robin Williams now.
2.87sBet you kids never thought your dad would have superpowers, huh?
1.37sYou pat my back, I pat yours,
1.67sand Pat Robertson pats Mr. Happy.
2.07s(EXAGGERATED SOUTHERN ACCENT) Yes! Praise Jesus with your Visa card.
1.93sMax it out on the Lord, people.
3.44sOh, boy! And that's the second Southern preacher one.
2.18sLook, Brian, Meg is one of the sensitive,
1.84sbearded Robin Williams characters.