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3.7sI Haight my Ashbury in these jeans. Ding-ding, Rice-A-Roni.
3.24sAh! You got all those references in there.
2.2sOf course, now everyone can afford health care because of Obama.
2.67sYeah, you want a Band-Aid? No problem, turkey.
3.94sCome on down to Obama-Mart. The price is free, but your ass better vote for me.
3.32sHa! Political with a twist. It's funny from the news.
1.07sWhat's going on in here?
2.25sYou gotta check this out, it's Robin Williams!
1.7sHo-ho! A nurse is a nurse, of curse.
2.14sUp yours, Wilbur.
1.05sOh, my God!
2.54sEveryone I touch turns into Robin Williams!
2.43sYes! Peter "Sweet Cheeks" Griffin,
2.44syou have been given the power from God.
1.1s- Ho-ho! Ho-ho! - Ho-ho!
5.79s(LAUGHING HYSTERICALLY) I will be so responsible with this.
1.17sThanks, guys. Ho-ho!
1.15sBye. See you, Peter.
1.32sY'all come back now, you hear?
1.82s(CHUCKLES) It's Patch Adams Robin.
2.7sHe cures stuff the fun way, not the medicine way.
5.04sSo, somehow the lightning gave your dad the power to turn anyone I touch into Robin Williams.