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2.1sOh, my God. What happened?
2.69sYou were in a coma, and then I kissed you, and you woke up.
1.63s(MUMBLES) Like, two days later.
1.63sAnyway, all your numbers are normal.
1.54s- What numbers? - No idea.
2.9sWell, congratulations. You're gonna be just fine.
4.35s(ELECTRICITY SURGING) Oh, my God! You're Robin Williams!
2.62sDing! Thank you for playing That's Obvious!
1.73sTell him what he's won, Cletus. (HICK ACCENT) Money!
2.89sHo-ho! Money. Or as the Republicans call it, mine!
2.89s(LAUGHS) I hope this is covered by your HMO.
2.27sI was covered once by an HMO in San Francisco.
3.7sI Haight my Ashbury in these jeans. Ding-ding, Rice-A-Roni.
3.24sAh! You got all those references in there.
2.2sOf course, now everyone can afford health care because of Obama.
2.67sYeah, you want a Band-Aid? No problem, turkey.
3.94sCome on down to Obama-Mart. The price is free, but your ass better vote for me.