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2.07sback in our cozy row house.
1.1sRow house.
3.19sTV ANNOUNCER: We now return to the Comedy Central Roast of Robin Williams.
2.3sOh, man, Robin Williams is my favorite.
2.9sHe must be getting recognized for all his contributions to show business.
1.48sI don't think that's what a roast is.
2.92sRobin, as a comic, it's an honor to be up here roasting you.
2.3sAs a moviegoer, I want to punch you in the face.
3.48s(TV SHOW AUDIENCE LAUGHS) Oh, that's funny. Advocate violence.
3.55sAnd let's face it, Mork, you're getting Nanu-Na-old!
3.49s(TV SHOW AUDIENCE LAUGHS) Stop it! You stop it!
3.64sRobin Williams has a manic gift that gladdens a sad world,
3.19sand all he asks in return is our unceasing attention!
1.62sHow can you allow this?
3sRobin Williams has given us nothing but joy!
2.49sI wish everyone was Robin Williams!