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3sLucky there's a family guy
3.2sLucky there's a man who positively can do
1.77sAll the things that make us
1.45sLaugh and cry
5.32sHe's a family guy
0.97sHello, I'm Brian Griffin.
1.43sAnd I'm Stewie Griffin.
2.5sA few years ago, we did an episode called "Viewer Mail"
3.97swhere you, our fans, wrote in and suggested ideas for new episodes.
2.97sWell, it's 10 years later, but you're still sending in ideas.
1.9sTo Rashad in Little Rock,
2.14swe wanna let you know we kicked around your idea,
2.57s"Make the baby go wild" for a while.
1.58sCouldn't really find an angle on it.
1.97sHere's one from Lee Mills of Iowa.