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1.28sGoogity. Googity. Glop.
1.95sHello, lads. Oh, hello, Seamus.
2.37sRight fine performance at the cricket match today.
3.15sAye. I was spirited to have you down there watching me.
3.04sANNOUNCER: Well, it's a brilliant day for a long and confusing game of cricket.
3.59sThe field is teeming with men in helmets who don't seem like they need helmets,
3.29sand men not in helmets who seem like they probably should be wearing helmets.
2.4sOh, he's batted it clear out of the stadium.
4.05sIs that good? We don't know, but it's what we do!
1.65s(HESITANTLY) Yay! Boo!
3.1sOh, my goodness, the Queen is going to be here presently.
1.63sThis is oh-so-exciting!
5.06sMy favorite part before the Queen arrives is yelling "Wanker!" at Prince Charles as he passes.
1.3sWanker! Wanker!
1.63sI know, I know.
1.4sWanker! Wanker!
1.57sYes, I know. Yes.
1.47sWanker! You're a wanker!
2.4sRight, quite right. Spot on. He's got it.
2.67sI say, a lot of people have turned out to see the Queen.
2.15sShould make for a grand day.