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2.39sSTEWIE: Ugh, that was absolute garbage. Read it again!
2.59sHey, Lois. I'm home from the Clam.
2.14sYou know what that means.
2.2sSTEWIE: You spent the last 10 minutes parked in front of the house,
1.47scrying in your car?
2.47sNot now, Peter. I'm doing story time with Stewie.
1.43sSTEWIE: Yeah, scram, Drinky.
3.54sI got a story. It's about the little penis that could.
3.95sIt thinks it can, it thinks... In fact, it's pretty sure it can.
1.77s(STUTTERING) It's gonna.
1sSTEWIE: Hey, am I gonna have to handle this?
1.47sDo you want me to handle this?
2.27sPeter, just go wait in the bedroom. I'll be right there.
2.99sFine, but if I gotta pee first, this night's gonna be ruined.
2.9sGood night, sweetie. Mommy loves you.
1.07sSTEWIE: Yeah, you better get some rest.
1.83sYou've gotta get the mail tomorrow.