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1.37sHey, there, little fella.
2.57sWe sure got a lovely day for it, don't we?
1.63sSTEWIE: Stay away from my brother's butt.
2.7sOkay, Stewie, let's get that little face washed off.
2.27sThen you can play with your bath toys, huh?
2.24sSTEWIE: No, I hate getting my face washed.
2.59sOh, look, it's just Mr. Frog. Hello, Mr. Frog...
4.57s(CHOKING) My God, how the hell do I keep falling for that?
4.44sNow you play with your toys and I'll go get you a nice, fluffy towel.
2.92sSTEWIE: Stewart Griffin, explorer, adventurer,
2.84sskin-diving international playboy.
6.37s(GROWLING PLAYFULLY) "I'm swimming at night 'cause I'm a slut "and now I'm paying the price for it."