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0.52sGo, Dad, go!
1.79sHow doth the hero,
4.1sstrong and brave, a celestial path in the heavens pave.
2.74sGo, Dad, go.
3.84sSir, the TV ratings for the launch are the highest in 10 years.
2.44s- And how's the spacecraft doing? - I don't know.
2.35sAll this equipment is just used to measure TV ratings.
2.75sIt's beautiful.
3.94sIt's the most awe-inspiring sight I have ever seen.
3.64sGiver of life, mother of us all.
2.07sHey, guys, look what I smuggled aboard.
0.5sHomer, no!
3.5s- They'll clog the instruments! - Careful. They're ruffled.
1.95sI'll take care of this.