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2.17sI know I'm gonna win this time.
0.43sYeah? How come?
2.22sUnion Rule 26.
3.65s"Every employee must win Worker of the Week at least once,
3.47sregardless of gross incompetence, obesity or rank odor."
2.04sAttention everyone.
0.73sLet's have an awed hush, please, for Mr. Burns.
3.6sCompadres, it is imperative that we crush the freedom fighters...
2.17sbefore the start of the rainy season.
2.65sAnd remember, a shiny new donkey...
2.72sfor whoever brings me the head of Colonel Montoya.
2.32sHmm? What? Oh.
4.2sAnd by that I mean, of course, it's time for the Worker of the Week Award.
4.37sI can't believe we've overlooked this week's winner for so very, very long.
3.57sWe simply could not function without his tireless efforts.
5.34sSo, a round of applause for... this inanimate carbon rod.