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1.77sAnd we laugh legitimately.
4sThere's a mathematician, a different kind of mathematician and a statistician.
1.74sMake it stop!
2.6sNo, not another boring space launch. Change the channel!
1.67sChange the channel!
0.38sI can't! I can't!
2.67sSir, we've run into a serious problem with the mission.
2.32sThese Nielsen ratings are the lowest ever.
2sOh, my God!
3.3sWe've been beaten by "A Connie Chung Christmas"!
2.57sPeople, we're in danger of losing our funding.
3.19sAmerica isn't interested in space exploration anymore.
2.14sMaybe we should finally tell them the big secret--
3.57sthat all the chimps we sent into space came back superintelligent.
3.62sNo, I don't think we'll be telling them that.
2.85sWe need a fresh angle to get the public interested.