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1.85sOh, thank God, we made it in time.
2.53sI didn't realize how far that awful hotel is from the Strip.
2.3sThe woman who cleaned our room had no ears.
2.54s- I'm sorry, these tickets are invalid. - What?
1.53sIt's showing that they've already been scanned.
2.37sI can't let you in. Oh, come on!
1.35sI didn't come all this way and lose
2.13sall that money to not see Celine Dion.
2.1sThat's the whole reason we came to Vegas in the first place.
2.4sSir, I'm gonna have to ask you to leave.
1.73sGod, this trip has been a disaster.
4.75sI know. I actually thought I was gonna win big and get that plastic surgery I always wanted.
1.82sOh, my God! Look at him.
1.43sHe's so cute.
2.03sI'm small, so this is okay.