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2.6sThanks for encouraging us to come to Gay Pride Day, Brian.
2.74sI think it'll be very educational for the kids.
3.37sLook, there's two of 'em with a baby! Isn't that hilarious?
1.57sThey think they're its parents.
1.5sYeah, this seems like it'll be fun.
1.87sReal fun, not "Entertain- your-wife's-parents-
2.1s"while-your-wife- is-at-work" fun.
1.05sLaura gets home at 7:00,
3.75sso I figure we can stare at our wine glasses till then.
1.7sSo, uh... So, when...
2.77sWhen do you guys think you're gonna die?
1.43sWow, a parade.
2.8sIt's like I'm walking past stuff, but I'm not going anywhere.