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4.04s(PLANES WHOOSHING) Oh, my God, they're gonna crash!
1.63sNo, no, don't worry. It's a gay air show.
1.83sThey're just gonna lightly touch tips.
2sCROWD: Aw!
1.48sAnd, we're back everybody!
4sI'm Weenie of Weenie & The Butt, coming to you live on 97.1.
3.6sWOMAN: Radio DJs at local events MAN: Next week, The Boat Show.
9.61s(OCEAN WAVES CRASHING) (MAN CHATTERING) That's right, Weenie, we've been on the air here at Quahog Gay Pride Day for three straight hours now and I am exhausted.
1.33sMAN 1: Worn out Butt.
1.27sMAN 2: Ouch.
1.4sWell, listen up, everybody,
4.97s'cause it's time for our grand prize drawing for those tickets to see Celine Dion live in Las Vegas!
2.02sMAN: Infertility!
4.55sHere we go! Our grand prize winner is Brian Griffin.
4.1s(ALL CLAPPING) (ALL CHEERING) Wow, I don't believe it!