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1.69sI don't know.
1.78sLook, it's not like we've got a lot to live for.
1.47sI mean, I'm just gonna end up like Chris,
2.5sonly I'll be smart enough to realize how miserable I am.
2sAnd you've only got a few good years left anyway,
1.83sand that's if we even get out of here alive.
3.57s(SIGHING) All right, Stewie. Let's do it.
1.78sYeah, see, I'm glad you came around.
4.85sYou know, the only thing that was holding me back even a little is knowing how much Lois is gonna milk this.
7.36sEveryone, I truly want to thank you for your support and remind you that as far as casseroles go, we're good on pasta,
2.5sbut we could use some more dessert items.
4.27s(SOBBING) Oh, I miss my baby so much,
3.74sand I'm more of a chocolate person than a fruit person.