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1.67sbut if you've got some milk and a bowl,
2.37swe can give you a pretty healthy way to start your day.
1.37sAll right, enough of this.
2.84sYou, dog, pick which one of you two is gonna die.
3.09sWhat? You can't ask me to decide something like that.
3.19sThe life of every being is sacred, just like the life...
1.5sFine. I'll kill you.
2.47sNo, no, kill him. He's a baby. He won't even remember he was alive.
3.5sYou son of a bitch. (GUN FIRING) Ahh! Stewie!
2.94sNow, get us the money you borrowed.
2.18s(SOBBING) Oh, my God, Stewie, no!
4.07sYeah, I was booked for three hours by Archibald Meatpants.
2.4sHe's... He's dead.
4.4sOkay, well, either way, I'm getting paid and somebody's getting torn open.
1.27sWhat the hell are we gonna do, Stewie?
1.67sWe have no money, no way to get home,
3.94sand one of the loan shark's goons is probably gonna bust through that door any minute and kill us both.
2.97sI wish my daddy were here. He always knows what to do.