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2.17s(CHUCKLES) Okay, zero serving zero.
4.12s(ARABIC MUSIC PLAYING) I have to say, Peter,
2.47sI am impressed by how much you have committed yourself to Islam.
1.58sAre you kidding? It's awesome.
2.89sI even started wearing leather sandals with way-too-long toenails.
1.7sSee how the big ones are getting yellow?
1.67sAh, yes, very Muslim.
5.5sListen, Peter, some friends of mine and I are getting together tonight and we wanted to invite you to join us.
2.5sI am so there. Whose crappy van should we take?
3.1sActually, we are meeting here. Follow me.
1.53sOh, hey, you guys.
2.57sHey, is anyone gonna object if I pick my nose with a dagger?
2.68sMahmoud, who is this man? Why would you bring him here?
2.97sDo not worry. This is Peter. He believes in our cause.
1.1sHow can you be sure?
1.23sGive him the test.
3.77sWho is better? Hulk Hogan or the Iron Sheik?
2.2sUm, the Iron Sheik?
1.37sOkay. He is one of us.
1.18sI told you.
3.85sLook at him, he is the perfect man to help us blow up the Quahog Bridge.