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1.87sBamba! Ooh, so close.
1.73sAll right, Lois, I'm off to the bazaar.
1.7sWhat do you mean? You mean the market?
1.1sYeah, the bazaar.
1.53sWell, if you're going to the market,
1.97scan you pick up some cereal, some butter, and a loaf of bread?
1.43sI'll see what they have.
1.83sAll right, Lois. Here's six cobras,
1.8sa bolt of silk, and a ram's horn.
1.47sPeter, what the hell?
2.75sHey, can you help me with the 20 paper bags of dates I got in the car?
2.29sWhy the hell would you get 20 bags of dates?
3.5sThe monkey in the little vest who was selling them happened to be very persuasive.
1.68s(SIGHS) You know what? Fine.
1.77sI'm just gonna assume this will pass,
3.14slike your everywhere-is-a- racquetball-court phase.