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1.53sYes. The team I like is kicking it.
2.1sOh, no. The team I don't like is kicking it.
1.87sYes. The team I like is kicking it again.
2.07sI will celebrate with finger cymbals.
3.27s(CLANGING) Hey, is that for real,
2.4sthat "Diarrhea Only" sign on your bathroom?
1.73sPeter, this is my friend Omar.
3.3sHe can teach you many things about our faith, including how to ululate.
4.35sWhat's that? It's this... (ULULATES) Oh, my God. That's terrifying.
1.4sI don't know if I'm ready for that.
1.5sNo, Peter, it's okay.
1.67sJust sing the beginning of La Bamba,
2.5s- but don't say the La Bamba part. - Oh, okay.
1.83s- (ULULATES) - Yes, good job. You're doing it.
1.87sBamba! Ooh, so close.
1.73sAll right, Lois, I'm off to the bazaar.
1.7sWhat do you mean? You mean the market?
1.1sYeah, the bazaar.
1.53sWell, if you're going to the market,
1.97scan you pick up some cereal, some butter, and a loaf of bread?
1.43sI'll see what they have.
1.83sAll right, Lois. Here's six cobras,
1.8sa bolt of silk, and a ram's horn.
1.47sPeter, what the hell?
2.75sHey, can you help me with the 20 paper bags of dates I got in the car?