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1.8sIsn't he great? No, he's weird.
3.04sWhy'd he order a ginger ale? And who the hell doesn't look at jugs?
4.82sYeah, and he's got his cell phone clipped to his belt like he's some kind of big shot on vacation.
1.3sOh, I see what's going on.
2.82sYou guys are uncomfortable with Mahmoud because he's Muslim.
1.63sWhat? What are you talking about?
1.97sThis is your post-9/11 racism talking.
4.47sI, for one, think it's great that Peter has enough of an open mind to have a Muslim friend.
3.1sYou know, a lot of dogs just sit outside, tied to poles.
1.77sLook, Mahmoud's my friend, okay?
2.27sSo he's Muslim. Every culture has its quirks.
1.97sItalian guys talk with their hands a lot,
1.4sIrish guys drink a lot,
2.94sblack guys change their shirts while they tell you a story.
1.77sSo, how's Bernadette? She's all right.
3.47sShe's taking interior design classes down at the community college.
2.1sI mean, she's good at haircutting and everything.
1.94sThey gave her the chair right by the door.
3.24sBut, I guess, now she wants to hang plates on the wall or whatever.
2.67sAnd you know she gained the weight back from the Lap-Band, right?
1.45sThat Bernadette and her pie.
1.52sYou know it, brother.
2.14sOkay, I'm gonna go eat this steak in the bathroom.