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2.03sExcuse me. Now that your family is gone,
2.17swould you mind if we turn on the TV?
2.32sOh, hey. I didn't know anyone was here.
3.27sI, uh, was just kidding when I told my family I loved 'em.
1.93s- I am Mahmoud. - I'm Peter.
1.75sYou know, I never seen a hat like that before,
1.65sso I'm very scared of it.
3.8sNo, this is just a taqiyah. It's a traditional Muslim prayer cap.
2.63sOh. Hey, you know who'd look funny wearing one of those?
2.29s- The Monopoly guy. - (LAUGHS)
2.2sGo directly to jail and convert to Islam.
2.24s(LAUGHS) 'Cause they do that.
2.87sYes, that is what I intended.
1.18sHey, you're all right, Mahmoud.
1.25sYou, too, Peter.
1.3sSo, what do you wanna watch?
1.7sWell, if you turn on Channel 14,
3.2swe can probably catch the end of Muslim Looney Tunes.
7.66s(ARABIC MUSIC PLAYING) (STUTTERING) As a pig, I am very dirty and should not be touched by humans.
1.74sSo, how was the hospital, Peter?
1.87sOh, my God, that place was incredible.
2.97sThey have this one jar, whole thing was full of cotton balls.