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2.77sAm I falling or am I flying?
2.94sAm I living or am I dying?
4.7sO, Great Spirit, free me from the bonds of gravity and criticism.
2.37sDeliver me from my greatest enemy.
1.5sHis name is Peter.
3.4sMore specifically, Peter's Shyness In Public.
4.3sO, Great Spirit, why do I hold myself back in such a...
2sOh, fuck! The cock-sucking ground.
3s(GROANS) Damn it.
2.67sThe Eiffel Tower? Oh, cool, I'm in Paris.
3.27sMAN: Hey, look at that douchebag who got stabbed in the butt.
1.3sAw, crap, I'm in Vegas.
1.8sWell, Peter, I'm glad you're all right,
2.67sbut I hope this is the end of your skydiving career.
1.3sYeah, I'm sorry, Lois.