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2.34sNo, thanks. Do you have any fruit?
3.3sThis has purple stuff inside. Purple is a fruit.
3.47sOh! This is a map of nuclear sites around the country.
3.67sAs a safety inspector, I'm responsible for changing most of these lightbulbs.
2.43sWhy are there so many burnt-out ones?
2s'Cause they won't hire an assistant.
3.37sMartin, here's $10 to invest in the futures market.
2sSoy! Soy! Soy!
3.37sSoy! Soy! Soy! Soy!
2.77sMartin, you're up one million dollars.
3.84sBut now you've lost all but $600. You got greedy, Martin.
3.67sI'm sorry. I guess watching me isn't any more exciting than being me.
2.64sMaybe we can make your job more fun.
1.87sWhat are those? I don't know.