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3.1s- Thank you, Lisa. - No, Miss Hoover. I'm Ralph.
2.42sI only need one volunteer, Ralph.
2.7sMiss Hoover, which one is "one"?
2sRalph and I could do the report together.
0.4sIt's your funeral.
1.82sMiss Hoover.
2.2sBart, why are you doing that?
2.07sOur class is making refreshments for Skinner's party.
2.18sThese are in honor of his army days.
1.3sThat explains the flags.
4.45s- What about the dog food? - My theory is Skinner likes dog food.
2.4sLet's bake him a cake.
3.09sOoh! A fresh batch of America balls!
4.46sSeymour, tell me what time it is, now!
2.13s7:00, Friday night, Mother.
2.32sTime for our weekly silhouette.
3.55sNo! Cutting out your ugly nose gives me a hand cramp!
1.72sOh, but you love silhouette night.