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0.39sOh, Seymour.
2sAnd I'm not Seymour.
2.35sMy name is Armin. This is Armin's apartment,
4.04sArmin's liquor, Armin's copy of Swank, Armin's frozen peas.
0.65sCan I see your copy of Swank, Armin?
2.03sYes, you can.
3.84sThis is Armin's life. Maybe it's not perfect, but at least I'm back where I belong.
2.79sI was born a no-goodnik, and I'll die a no-goodnik.
3.44sSeymour! I didn't bring you up to use language like that!
2.6sYou didn't bring me up at all. The hell I didn't!
2.43sI've been taking care of you for 26 years!
0.69sI'm the only mother you've ever known!
2.6sBut you have your real son.
1.72sYou're my real son!
1.95sYou've been my son longer than he has.
2.6sHe doesn't need me, and I don't need him!
2.29sYou march yourself downstairs and get in that car!
2.3sYes, Mother. And the rest of you too!
2.87sYes, Mrs. Skinner.
3.64sHey, everybody, look! Armin Tamzarian's back!