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3.6sSee, all along, I've been telling Carl I'm married to a beauty queen.
2.07sNow he's coming over for dinner.
3.17sOh, Lenny, I'm sure he'll like your wife no matter what she looks like.
3.34sNo, no, no, no! It's worse than that! I don't even have a wife.
2.85sI just said I did to, you know, be a big shot.
4.15sOh. Well, it's time to start telling the truth.
2sNow, when I have to tell my husband the truth,
2.87sI cook him a big delicious dinner.
4.09sBy the time he's done eating, he's too full and tired to care what I have to say.
1.9sWow, that's great! When Carl comes over,
2.09sI'll stuff him till he don't know what's what.
3.72sSeymour, I'm getting tired. Tell them we're going next.
2.2sWell, I'm not principal of the line, Mother.
2.1sAnd you never will be.
3.32sI'd like the phone book for Hokkaido, Japan, please.
2.12sOkay, here you go.
2.4s- The phone book for Hokkaido, Japan. - Thank you.