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2.1sWell, I think volunteering is great.
2.65sDeep down, it makes you feel-- Homer!
2.15sWill you get that crazy box off the dinner table?
2.77sIt came from the dump! But, Marge, I'm obsessed with it.
4.21sWhere did it come from? What is it a box of? How'd my face get on it?
3.55sHey, if they got a picture of you, that means they can see you.
2.2sThey're probably watching us right now.
4.72sThat's ridiculous! Nobody is watching us right now.
4.05sHi, hi, hi. Bye. Hi.
2.4sAkira, can you read this for me?
3.44sAh, yes. This is a product called Mr. Sparkle.
3.55sVery popular dish detergent. Hey, he looks like you!
1.75sWhat's he saying?
0.9sHe identifies himself...