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2.3sAll right. Thanks anyway.
1.8sReverend, I hate to say this,
3sbut it sounded like that poor man was reaching out to you.
2.67sI'm not sure your advice was all that helpful.
5.76sOh, Marge, I was once idealistic like you.
3.67sIt was the mid-'70s, and I was fresh out of seminary.
2.8sThe '60s were long over, and people were once again ready...
2.82sto feel bad about themselveS.
8.41sJesus is just all right with me I came to Springfield ready to roll up my sleeves and help my fellow man.
4.62sThere was just one fellow man I hadn't counted on.
3.05sReverend, I'm a-- I'm afraid something terrible has happened.
3.8sWell, sit down and rap with me, brother. That's what I'm here for.
3.6sWell, I was talked into doing a dance called the bump,
3.84sbut my hip slipped, and my-- my buttocks came into contact...
2.72swith the buttocks of another young man!
3.07sI... see.