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2.19sand put all the collection plates in the dishwasher.
3.25sAnd you wouldn't believe how many dead pigeons there were in the organ.
2.18sMarge, you are a real time-saver.
2.47sDo you know, thanks to you, I've rediscovered a form of shame...
2.07sthat's gone unused for 700 years?
2.94sLovejoy here. Reverend, this is Principal Skinner.
3.64sI'm facing a crisis, and I didn't know to whom to turn.
1.7sAll right.
1.08sMother's gone too far.
3.04sShe's put cardboard over her half of the television.
3.35sWe rented Man Without a Face. I didn't even know he had a problem!
4.1sWhat should I do? Well, maybe you should read your Bible.
2.17sUm, any particular passage?
2.37sOh, it's all good.
2.3sAll right. Thanks anyway.
1.8sReverend, I hate to say this,
3sbut it sounded like that poor man was reaching out to you.
2.67sI'm not sure your advice was all that helpful.
5.76sOh, Marge, I was once idealistic like you.