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2.75sKids, Homer, we're late for church!
3.05sI'm glad I dressed last night. Oh, I'd love to go with you, honey,
2.65sbut I got a lot of work to do around the bed.
3.6sHomer, the Lord only asks for an hour a week.
2.43sIn that case, he should've made the week an hour longer.
2.27sLousy God.
3.64sAnd the very same goes for Ezekiel,
3.34swhich brings us back to our starting point,
2.93s"the Nine Tenets of Constancy."
3.07sDamn it!
4.07sWell, I seem to have lost my place, so I'll start over.
1.93sAw, for the love of crumb cake.
1.67sOur sermon today is on constancy--
2.47sinasmuch as the--
2.84sMoreover, by dint of our application--
2.24sof these principles, we can learn--
2.7sThe auspices of constancy--