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1.97sYou'll never believe what happened.
3.64sI fell asleep at the wheel, and the truck drove here by itself.
4.7sYeah. That Navi-Tron Auto-Drive System has made our jobs cushier than ever.
2s- The what now? - You know, this thing.
1.95sWith this baby driving your truck for you,
3.44sall you gotta do is sit back and feel your ass grow.
2.4sThe trucks drive themselves? Shh! Hey, hey. Shh!
2.54sDidn't your union rep tell you about the scam we got going?
2.95sI'm not really a trucker, so I don't talk to the rep that often.
2.47sAll right, listen, pal. Here's the deal.
3.22sYou stumbled on the secret that only truck drivers are supposed to know.
2.4sHey, pay attention and stop looking at that squirrel.
2.54sWe get 40 bucks an hour to drive these rigs.
3.4sDo you think anybody would hire us if they knew we weren't really driving the trucks?
3.54sWow! You guys are even lazier than me.
3.12sWell, don't worry. I'll keep your secret.