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2.67sOh. I would have feigned interest.
2.07sStill no visitors.
2.94sIt's time we opened up a can of Whup-Tushie on this situation.
2.08sWhat's the number for Luigi's?
2.99sDad's got it on the speed dial under "fire."
2.57sThis is it, honey. We did it.
2.12s- Damn it! - Oh.
3.17sRing the bell! Why? You already know I'm here, don't you?
1.77sjust do it!
0.9sNothing doin', missy.
2.6sNow do you want your half order of garlic bread or not?
2.57sNo. But if you'll just ring the--
1.94sOh, that's it. I'm putting an end to this.
0.53sLisa, no, no, don't! It won't be the--
3.54sOh. It's heavenly.
8.54sWhy do birds suddenly appear over there over here Why is it playing over again?
2.9sWho cares? No one could ever get sick of this song.
2.28sSuddenly appear