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2.97sHe's mine! There's nothing more to talk about.
1.43sNo, no, keep talking.
2.32sAmy, I hope I'm not out of line, but...
1.1sShut up, Kif.
2.47sHow dare you talk that way to my Kif?
2.12sThis planet's got it going on.
3.37sSweet orgy of Georgia! Have you girls gone wild?
1.83sThat's Fry you're macking on.
9.56s(SNIFFING) Hmm. It seems Fry's inexplicable sex appeal is due to the butterfly pheromone he was sprayed with.
3.34sBut Amy and Leela aren't butterflies. Right?
2.9sNo, but thanks to the damned butterfly nectar
2.57sthey've been swilling, they might as well be.
5.41s(BURPING) The nectar causes their bodies to produce female butterfly hormones,
2.05sbuilding up their flapping muscles,
3.4sbut also making them irresistibly attracted to Fry.