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1.89sWe can sleep at my parents' house.
2.15sI'll just buzz and let them know we're here.
7.41sMom, Dad, I'm sure you remember Fry, Leela, Bender, and of course my Fonfon Ru, Amy.
2sKIF'S MOTHER: Welcome to our home.
1.68sKIF'S FATHER: One of you stinks.
0.97sThat'd be me.
2.73sWait, you're flies. Don't you eat excrement?
2.8sKIF'S FATHER: That's a day at the beach compared to this.
3.04sListen, I'm just gonna shower this stuff off and go to bed.
2.5sWait. Don't take a shower, Fry.
1.53sYou smell kind of nice.
3.17s(INHALES DEEPLY) Smell... Yeah. Huh?
1.67sKIF'S FATHER: No hanky-panky.
3.04sEveryone sleep in separate rooms.